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Is Orthokeratology a subject you’re familiar with? If you don’t know anything about this topic, you don’t need to worry. If you keep reading, you’ll be able to learn more about this vision correction method.

What Is Orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology is a long and intimidating word, but it’s used to describe something that is easy to understand. Orthokeratology — also known as ortho-k — describes the process of fitting people with contact lenses that are gas permeable. These kinds of lenses are used for this overnight vision correction procedure.

The lenses will reshape the front surface of your cornea while you sleep at night. When you wake up in the morning and open your eyes, you’ll be able to see perfectly. These lenses are frequently described as corneal reshaping contact lenses or overnight vision correction contact lenses. They are the only lenses that can safely be worn overnight.

These Lenses Can Correct Many Vision Problems

Not everyone that wears contact lenses wears them for the same reasons. Thankfully, ortho-k lenses can be worn by many people. These lenses can correct several different vision problems.

What kinds of issues can they correct? The lenses can treat astigmatism, myopia, presbyopia, and hyperopia. With that stated, not everyone that suffers from these conditions will be able to wear these lenses. If you want to know whether or not you are a candidate for these lenses, you should schedule an appointment with your eye doctor.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Ortho-K Lenses?

If you suffer from mild astigmatism or myopia, you are likely an excellent candidate for these lenses. People with moderate myopia can also use these lenses without any issues.

These lenses are an ideal choice for people that suffer from dry eyes; they can help to keep the eyes moist. The lenses are also a good option for people that work in dusty environments. They don’t cause the same problems that other lenses do.

If you have more severe issues, however, you may not be eligible to use these lenses. These lenses aren’t able to correct the vision of people with severe myopia. Most eye doctors won’t recommend that people under the age of 13 use these lenses; like most contact lenses, they require extra care.

Where Can I Go To Have Lenses Fitted?

If you are interested in wearing ortho-k lenses, and you believe that you are a candidate for them, you should schedule an appointment with an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. If supervised, a contact lens technician should also be able to handle your fitting.

With that said, you shouldn’t go to just anyone to get your lenses. The process of fitting overnight lenses can be quite difficult. You need to go to someone that has a lot of experience with ortho-k lenses.

What Is The Measuring Process Like?

If you’ve worn contacts in the past, you may feel like you know what to expect. It’s important to remember that the measuring process for ortho-k lenses is different from the process for standard lenses.

Because the lens is going to be fitting itself to your cornea, your doctor will need to measure the natural curves of your cornea. They will be able to do that using a tool called a corneal topographer. Thankfully, this process doesn’t take very long; it should be completed in around a minute.

Depending on your measurements, your doctor may have to have ortho-k lenses custom made for you. If your lenses aren’t ready for a while, you will be given a pair of temporary lenses that you can wear while you wait.

What Kind Of Vision Correction Do These Lenses Provide?

More often than not, you will be able to get perfect 20/20 vision from the lenses that you wear. As long as you have these lenses in, you’ll feel like you don’t have any vision problems at all. These lenses provide excellent vision correction. As long as you are a candidate for the lenses, they should be able to give you perfect vision.

Are These Lenses Comfortable?

If you’re going to have something in your eye all day, you’re not going to want it to cause you discomfort. Ideally, you should be able to forget that the item is even there.

Since ortho-k lenses are designed to be worn overnight, they are incredibly comfortable. A lot of people are pleasantly surprised when they put their lenses in. Once the lenses are in place, it’s hard to feel them at all.

Orthokeratology has created incredible lenses that are comfortable to wear. If you like wearing contacts, but don’t like putting them in and out every night, these kinds of lens should be ideally for you. They have all of the strengths of ordinary lenses but manage to sidestep all of the common drawbacks.

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Rhinoplasty surgery is also called as nose reshaping surgery. As the name itself says, this surgery is to reshape the nose. This is one of those cosmetic solutions to change the appearance of the nose. When somebody is not happy with their nose, may be with its shape, size, angle, etc. can opt this surgery as a permanent beauty solution. A skilled surgeon specialized in plastic surgery can handle the whole procedure to improve the results of Rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is not just a cosmetic surgery; it can also be done for someone suffering from chronic congestions or wheezing problems because of any damage caused in the nose.

Here surgeon opens up the nose from inside to avoid damages to the outer skin after giving local or general Anesthesia. Based on the need of surgery, there will be removal, addition or displacement of tissues, bones, and cartilage.

Nose is a dominant feature of the face. There needs to be a clear understanding of merits and demerits of nose surgery. Before thinking of getting this surgery done, one needs to know clearly about the facts about it. Here are few important things shared by to be considered when you decide to go for Rhinoplasty or nose job surgery.

For Whom:

The one who is not happy with the shape or size of their nose will choose to go for Rhinoplasty. But few patients are for getting rid of breathing problems too. Here are few reasons for surgery.
•    One with the pinched or asymmetrical nose.
•    Having a wide, protruded, enlarged or bumped nose.
•    Too large or small nose compared to that of the face.
•    Because of the congestion caused due to the growth of an extra tissue.
•    Breathing problems caused by deflected bone or cartilage.

What Is Done:

A surgeon has to be experienced to carry out the surgery in a proper way. These are the things performed by a surgeon to meet patients’ requirements.
•    Incisions are made inside the nose to hide any marks caused after surgery.
•    To reshape the nose surgeon has to reshape the bones or cartilage in the nose.
•    To make the nose narrow or wide, adding and removing tissues or cartilage is done.
•    Sometimes there may be a minor surgery carried out for the chin to match the size of the nose with it.
•    Bandaging is done with a splint over the nose after the surgery.


No surgery is done without thinking of its advantages in later days. Rhinoplasty or nose job surgery is mainly for two things. One is for cosmetic changes and the other for health issues related to a nose.
•    Aesthetic benefits include improvement in the appearance of one’s nose because of its proper size, shape, and removal of bumps, etc.
•    Health benefits include narrow nasal passages, improved structural abnormalities and proper and undisturbed breathing experience.

How Much It Costs:

The final cost of Rhinoplasty surgery may vary from person to person. It depends on the patients’ location, surgeons’ experience, surgical equipment, and follow-up care charges while recovering from the surgery. It is always better to go for the surgery after taking reviews from the people who have undergone the same surgery from that surgeon.


Every good decision can be turned upon to a bad experience. In Rhinoplasty that experience may go worse sometimes. Proper care needs to be taken under the guidance of surgeon to avoid them. Here are few risks caused by the surgery.
•    Nosebleeds.
•    Swelling inside or outside the nose.
•    Nasal blockage.
•    Scarring around the nose.
•    Perforated septum.
•    Blood clotting due to damage in blood cells.
•    Undesired cosmetic results.
•    Breakdown of tissues.
•    Infection caused after surgery when care is not taken.
•    Improper results may lead to reversed rhinoplasty

Side Effects:
Unlike the rare risks, there are few common and temporary side effects after the surgery, which eventually gets reduced.
•    Nose bleeding.
•    Swelling and pain around the nose.
•    Wounds under eyes and around the nose.
•    Discomfort or itching because of the bandage.
•    Inflammation in nasal passages.
•    Effects caused by Anesthesia.

Though the side effects are common after any surgery, the severity can be reduced by taking plenty of rest and proper medical guidance given by doctors. To avoid the major risks consult a doctor immediately after feeling discomfort about something. Your negligence may cause a greater damage later. Proper antibiotics are to be taken to avoid the possibility of infection.

Sometimes the result of a rhinoplasty may not satisfy the cosmetic need of the patient. They can go for secondary or revision rhinoplasty surgery which may again take time and causes more pain. You may have to take rest for a long time to recover from that completely. So have realistic expectations over the rhinoplasty and go for a well-experienced surgeon and avoid going for something which is cheapest to stay away from major problems later.

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A divorce can be a highly stressful and traumatic time for both husband and wife; however, the impact on the children can be detrimental as well and, in some cases, can result in life-long emotional problems. It is recommended in divorce situations and particularly with younger children that the child attends counselling sessions with a child psychologist. The aim of these sessions is to assist the child in addressing their thoughts about the divorce and the emotions they may need to handle. While many adults feel their children can be managed by the mother or father, it is possible that the adult is suffering themselves and is unable to deal with more traumas. This article will discuss both the positive and negative aspects of counselling for kids after a divorce.

The Benefits

While some parents may believe counselling for kids will add to the child’s difficulties, there are many who feel that the counselling will provide a healthy outlet. A child counselling session involves far more than mere discussion of the situation; instead, the child is allowed to engage in activities and share their thoughts through play or interaction. The safe environment is beneficial as it allows the child to share thoughts in an active environment, not one where they “stew” on the negative emotions.

Of course, older children do feel far more negative regarding divorce situations and it is common for the older child or teenager to experience thoughts of depression or suicide. While some of this may stem from the divorce, it is possible that the emotions are related to childhood difficulties and social problems. By attending counselling sessions, the child can share feelings with a trained professional beyond the realms of divorce issues. Parents may not notice the problems; however, professionals provide environments where the child can share all information, and they can identify the specific difficulties.

The Disadvantages

One of the greatest cons to counselling for children in this situation is that the parents often feel the session validates their fears of the child having emotional difficulties caused by the divorce. Many parents attempt to downplay the effects of this situation trying to maintain as great a degree of normality as possible; however, the attempt to downplay does not always work. It is often seen that the parent’s trying to avoid negative responses only invokes emotional difficulties through an excessive increase in attention or need to do more with the child. If a child is not used to this behavior, they may feel uncomfortable, and this can cause emotional concerns.

A second disadvantage to counselling is that the parents feel it discomforting to bring a stranger into this personal situation; despite the stranger being a trained professional. This can confuse the child, especially if the child is young, and there is the potential of the child beginning to feel frustrated with emotional conflicts. In many cases, the child is not yet emotionally developed, and any frustration can become a prolonged trauma if not dealt with immediately.

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